Petosan Finger Cloth Teeth Cleaner

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The Petosan finger cloth is designed to slip over your index finger and is used to effectively clean pets teeth. It can be used as a substitute for a toothbrush to help remove plaque and reduce the build up of tartar on your pets teeth. It helps promote dental hygiene and helps reduce bad breath. Because it slips over the finger and confirms to the shape of your finger, it allows for easy manoeuvrability around the mouth. The cloth fabric, when rubbed against the teeth acts as a very effective cleaner. The finger cloth can be washed for multiple use. Remember to wash hands after cleaning your pets teeth. The finger cloth is ideal for training pets to get familiar with having their teeth cleaned and to help them get used to having their mouth manipulated. The finger cloth can be used with pet toothpaste. Avoid having you pet inadvertently bite down on your finger whilst cleaning.